Cookie frisk

Cooke Frisk

Frisk is a human who climbed Mt. Ebott and then fell down an infinte hole because he was pushed by a unbelievably gray feminine dinosaur. Shaun the Sheep- no, god i messed it up~ She was really confused and she thought she took too much Determination drugs, but she was helped by a lady goat who shot a flower with a japanese man face using a Beretta M9 then smoking the flower like weed everyday.

Then she give Frisk a Mac puzzle and a Froggit hopped close. She had 4 options: TIGHT, CAT, EMIT, MARE. She only knew what TIGHT meant, so she stretched the Froggit until it screamed "WEEEEED POOOOPP!!!!". Sans saw what happened then the human either had Dunked On written on it's feces (SPARE), got drugs and died (ITEM), melted the brain (ACT) or broke the fifth wall (FIGHT).

((Don't forget the part where the lesbian fish made out with the goat lady and HAD ALIEN BABIES))

Shorter descriptionEdit

Frisk is the unplayable character in Underfail, who attempts to escape the Need for Speed: Underground disc after falling down and return to the surface. Frisk is the first of the OVER 9000 sexy Italian ladies to fall into the PC after traveling to Mount THE FUCKING PC ALREADY!.


Undyne can be sold starting from 1995 for $30 dollars per month. She is a high-quality sushi product. She has red scales and a long dark blue mane. She appears to have noses every perspective you look at her, she has white shit, and a pair of inflated protruding teeth. She wears dark red eye shadow and has Eye patched v2.0 on her left eye. Her eyes have THE TALLEST vertical black pupils EVER IN THE WORLD and a LSD-like sclera.

SRA 001


Alphys (ullllpiss/shit/crap/poop) is a stupid retarded lizard toy made by Tiger Electronics (no batteries supported). It looks like some kind of diseased lizard. but it's HYPERREALISTIC!1!!!111!!! She is the god, a position she earned by pooping a black shit with a SOUL. She is last encountered in the True Lab within Hotdog-land.